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Marine Corrosion Engineering

Qingdao NCS Testing and Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, research achievements transformation and high-tech production, established by China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group (CISRI) on the basis of the assets and personnel of CISRI Qingdao Marine Corrosion Institute in order to make use of their professional advantage in material testing technology and equipment, marine corrosion and new and special metals, with its subsidiary, NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd, as the main investor.

The Company has three national-level scientific observation and research stations, such as Qingdao Seawater Corrosion Field Scientific Observation and Research Station, Qingdao Atmospheric Material Corrosion Field Observation and Research Station, and Golmud Salt Lake Water Corrosion Field Observation and Research Station. Based on more than 30 years' seawater corrosion and atmospheric corrosion data, the Company provides large quantities of valuable basic data for clients in metallurgy, iron & steel and material industries. The Company has two national central laboratories in Qingdao, i.e. the National Iron and Steel Analysis Center, and National Quality Supervision & Testing Center for Iron and Steel Materials, with world-class testing facilities and instruments and advanced corrosion and protection testing and inspection measures, capable of providing material testing, failure analysis and anti-corrosion technical consulting services for clients at home and abroad, and issuing certificates recognized by the Chinese government.

The Company is committed to the development of corrosion protection systems, and able to provide systematic solution-based services, including anticorrosion research and consulting, anticorrosion design and engineering, etc. The company has built a 5000 m2 modern anode smelting shop, with advanced anode production equipment and ancillary equipment for anode production of more than 5000 tons per year. The Company has a qualified anticorrosion & antifouling professional team, who have developed a range of technologies and products for cathodic and electrolytic protection of vessels and offshore platforms, engineering and material testing that have been extensively used in ocean engineering, harbor construction, vessels and platforms, underground pipeline and energy & electric power, petrochemical engineering, municipal engineering, and metallurgy. Their products are exported to Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Iraq, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.